For photographers who want to expand their portfolio and improve their skills, I have a wide range of outdoor photography events with horses.

These are meetings for photographers who want to diversify their portfolio with new, unique frames, as well as practice their skills during the sessions I have prepared. These are events for people who do not need such an intensive course as the photography workshops offer. These events require a bit of independence from the photographer, but are suitable for people with little experience. I organize these events in stables in various parts of Poland. Each time I search for the most beautiful horses that can often do tricks, as well as the most beautiful locations for sessions. There are two types of workshops:

  • with models whose main theme is the bond between man and horse;
  • and events whose main theme are photos of horses “in the wild”, we take photos of them in motion, as well as portraits – all in unusual circumstances of nature or in the area of historic enchanted buildings.

These are the photos that were taken during the events I organized. 

Due to the fact that the events take place in Poland and are in Polish, next part is also in Polish. But if you don’t speak Polish, you are welcome anyway – many of us know, among other languages, speak english and we will be happy to help you if you join us.

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